Guido J. Wasser


Born 06/06/48 in Frick. After Ident-school teaching degree in Radio & TV Elektriker.Beschäftigt BBC Ennetbaden in the military development 2.4 GHz wireless and cryptography. Then studying physics in Zurich and Heidelberg. Then head of the acoustics development at Studer Revox in rain village and later in Loeffingen. Appointment to the AES (Audio Engineering Society) based on the findings in the Tiefsttonbereich Audiotechnik.Aufbau and management of the testing laboratory in Hamburg "FonoTest" for the magazines "FonoForum" (Bielefeld), sound (Munich) and "disk" (Netherlands). Editor in chief technology at "FonoForum" - for reviews. Appointed to the Technical Advisory Board of the Stiftung Warentest, Berlin - establishing and monitoring the test criteria. Design and construction of "standard laboratory test" in Munich. Line of the test department and technically responsible editor at editor Walter E. Fine. Winning the rally "Monte Carlo Retourn" with Tim Cole Morgan Plus 8. Change to Sony Cologne Dept. Head of Press Office. (To the CD to get started) then managing the lab. Since this was achieved, the CD experienced world premiere in 1982 at the hi-fi show in Dusseldorf. Appointed to the DIN committee of the German Institute for Standardization member of the Association of the mixer (VdT). Technical Director at pictures of Colloseum, the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic under Karajan, Vinco Globokar, Joseph Beuys in southern France Frankfurt. Parallel vibration measurements on gun barrels and development of the cartridge 7 x 49 GJW with the publication of these techniques in the "German Physical Society". Later 300 WP followed for revolvers and weitere.Sporadisch representatives of Major General Zimmermann, Attaché at the Swiss Embassy in Germany, the Benelux countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Founding member of Dega (German Society acoustics). Publications of scientific articles at the annual event. Founding member of the World Federation "IMSSU" (International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union). Participated in several European and world championships with some class wins. After development of other special cartridges, a revolver and a gun, and dozens of articles in various journals listed as a leading European ballistics.